Mason And Bailey Play With Spit On Their Bodies

Mason and Bailey take turns licking each other’s nubile nipples and then they proceed to run their tongues over each other’s appendage, savoring the velvety soft feel of those pink pointed nips. Then Mason motorboats Bailey’s huge boobies and spills spit on her tight cleavage. This hot and heavy exchange of saliva makes both of their their twats very very wet.
hot mason and bailey boobs
Mason aims a thick load of spit on Bailey’s tongue which she swallows with gusto. I’m pretty sure these nude and saliva drenched pictures of Mason and Bailey pleasuring each other with their spits would be enough to give any guy a rock-hard boner!  Who wouldn’t want to witness such raunchy girl-on-girl sex between these two naughty minxes?
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Mason and Bailey take turns licking each other’s erect nipples and then they proceed to run their tongues over each other’s appendage, savoring the velvety soft feel of those pink pointed nips. Then Mason motorboats Bailey’s huge knockers and spills spit on her tight cleavage. This hot and heavy exchange of saliva makes both of their their twats very very wet.

Saliva Vixens Velicity and Rebecca Blue Exchange Spits!

velicity and rebecca spit play

Velicity and Rebecca Blue are two alluring vixens who are just too hot to handle. Velicity is a cute looker with nice body and firm, round tits and her girlfriend Rebecca Blue is a real fuckable babe too! The best thing about these sexy bitches is that they just love making spitting porn together.

velicity and rebecca slobber on boobs

Here you will get to see them as they start off their hot night together with some kissing and making out but the lesbian spitting is in their blood and nature and very soon they get to the spit porn part of their fuck fest that makes them both watery between their legs.

velicity and rebecca exchange spit

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Chaynna Rose and Ariel Avalon Slobber On Each Other!

hot chaynna and ariel lingerie

Sexy hottie Chaynna Rose looks really hot licking the tits of her girlfriend Ariel Avalon but that is not all that they are going to do tonight. As soon as the girls feel that they are horny enough to get on with wilder stuff they start doing their favorite spit porn scenes on each other.

hot chaynna and ariel licking boobs

Watch them get all hot and fired up as they engage in some of the skankiest spit play ever. These hot spitting porn stars get so wet and sticky as they drool over each other that their lesbian spitting fun just goes on for hours because they don’t need cocks to get what they want from sex.

hot chaynna and ariel spit play

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Hot Porn Starlets Allison and Tangent Exchange Spits!

allison and tangent boobs

Whenever I see a sexy chick lock lips with another female, it kinda made me tingle all over. But then I found this goldmine of dyke images involving girls kissing other girls, and it’s more than just hot kissing that I saw… these fuckable babes were spitting on each other! Hot damn! Just check out these steamy pics of porn starlets Allison and Tangent getting all lezzy and spitting on each other! And it just about blew my mind!
allison and tangent spitting
See blonde starlet Allison get together with her friend Tangent  for a very hot spit swapping session. These two busty hotties don’t waste any time spitting in each other’s faces and getting their sticky, slimy saliva all over their nude bodies! Not only that, they engaging in some steamy lesbian stuff where each girl gets to suck her partner’s breasts! The photos were so hot that I didn’t notice that I was starting to get this huge bulge inside my pants and I was literally drooling over them like a dog in heat.
allison and tangent licking
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Jezebel and Kodi’s Lesbian Spitsters Fun

jezebel and kodi dildo

Well, as you can see in the pics here, Jezebel and Kodi definitely did more than just experiment. Not content with just the usual girl-on-girl hookup, these two blonde sluts indulged in a nasty spit play and pretty much had an all out dyke experience. They started out playfully toying around with a cute pink dildo, then they proceeded to acting out their lesbian spitting fantasy.
jezebel and kodi spitting

They lick each other’s  pert nipples, savoring the velvety soft feel of those pink pointed nips, and then moved on to running their tongues over their butts. That’s so much ass-licking fun! The nasty exchange of bodily fluids in the form of spit gave the two girls goosebumps and making their loveholes very very wet. Jezebel and Kodi do their best to keep composure, but you can see underneath those composed looks are hot and horny bitches just waiting to bust through.

jezebel and kodi licking
Whether you’re straight or lesbian, the otherworldly appeal of Jezebel and Kodi should be enough to make you go “Why not?” And who wouldn’t wanna experience hot girl-on-girl fucking with such naughty minxes who love to slobber on each other? If doing it is half as cock-hardening as seeing it, I’m so there! But until that happens, we should be content with seeing these sexy spitting lesbian pics of Jezebel and Kodi. You can find a lot more here where Spitsters fantasies come true.

Moxxie And Jessica Lust For Each Other’s Bodies And Spit

Moxxie and Jessica all hungry for some spit play

Two hot raven-haired babes with a dime for spit playing are here for us, and I find it hard to imagine a hotter pair than these two brunettes!  Moxxie and Jessica are two porn stars who’ve done it all, and I just love the pairing of the more experienced Moxxie with the younger Jessica.  There’s just so much Moxxie can teach her!  And that’s why they really go well with each other in this session.

Moxxie dribbling spit into Jessica's mouth

They start with some sensual open-mouthed kissing and even then the action is dirty, as Moxxie lets her saliva flow and Jessica reciprocates, giving Moxxie some wet, slobbering kissing that leaves spit all over their bodies.  And then of course that’s when they get started on their heaving bosoms.  Moxxie’s got large juggs, and she lets her saliva run down those juicy orbs for Jessica to lick up!  Jessica’s sure learning a lot of tricks from this voluptuous veteran, like being on the receiving end of her dribbling sputum as she waits open mouthed down on the floor!

Moxxie and Jessica in a spit-spattered kiss

And then it’s Jessica’s turn to teach her mentor a few tricks, but to see that I think it’s better if you just check out for the rest of this smutty saliva-filled lesbian session!

Mindy And Daisy Spit-Play All Over The House

Mindy and Daisy kissing by the stairs

I wish I lived in the house Mindy and Daisy lived in, or even next door.  That way, I’d have my own private lesbian floorshow every day of the week!  They probably aren’t the shy type, so I’d expect they wouldn’t mind it at all if I just plonked myself in front of them and watched, stroking my cock as they got nasty with each other.

Daisy licking Mindy's juicy titties

Like they did in this raunchy session.  It all started out with a little smooch by the stairs, but when you’ve got two perverted hotties like these two, that’s all the spark you need to get things turning.  And before you can count to ten, Mindy and Daisy started taking off their clothes and licking each other’s titties like crazy!  And then the saliva started flowing.  And flowing.  And flowing…

Mindy and Daisy swapping spit on the stairs

You see, these two love to get dirty with some steamy spit play!  Spitting on each other just turns them on and gets them hot, and they can’t stop when the juices literally start flowing.  Dribbling spit over each other’s titties and pussies is the highlight of their day, and then rubbing that spit even deeper into their cunts really drives them crazy!  Spitting into each other’s mouths is the ultimate expression of trust for these two, and if you feel the same, you’d better check out the hot lesbian action on, where you’ll find the hottest spit-soaked honeys on the net!

Kiera And Shayne Playing In Spit

Kiera spitting into Shayne's waiting hands

Our two hot lesbian spitsters today are the kinky Kiera and the sexy Shayne!  These two go well with each other because you know they’ve really got the hots for each other’s pussies and they just love doing nasty things to it!  And that includes lots of well-lubricated spitting and saliva exchange…

Kiera drooling some spittle on Shayne's sweet ass

Kiera’s the brunette with sleepy eyes and you know she can’t wait to get her lips on Shayne’s sexy body!  Especially when they start getting that body wet with all the nasty saliva that they can.  They start off by spitting on each other’s hands and just having these two hotties do that in front of you will definitely get you hard.  And that’s not all they do with the sputum that they get flowing, because soon they get saliva all over their hot bodies, from their face down to their hot, moist pussies and asses!  It’s a river of spittle that Kiera and Shayne unleash and if you’re not careful, it’ll wash you away!

Shayne spitting into Kiera's waiting mouth

Of course that’ll probably make you happy as a hung horse, so if you like that sort of sexually-charged Sapphic action, you can’t do any better than Spitsters!

Fresh Faced Haley Gets A Slobbering From Heidi

Haley licking Heidi's titties

Now this Haley is a lucky girl.  She’s getting a delicious cunt-licking form a real expert like Heidi.  But that isn’t all she’s getting from a more sexually-experienced fox like Heidi, she’s getting lots of dirty and wet spit play too!  But first Haley shows she’s not as innocent as she looks by licking Heidi’s titties until the nipples get as hard as rock!

Heidi drooling all over Haley's fresh twat

Now that really gets Heidi going and the feel of Haley’s saliva on her skin reminds her that she’s got a lesson to give the inexperienced Haley.  Soon she’s got Haley down on the couch with her legs spread and her yummy twat right there in front of her face.  Then she sensually licks it up and down and uses her tongue to probe it until Haley is breathing hard at the sensations that she’s having.  Then she drools all over it.  Now that really gets Haley in heat and soon the spit play is all over the place with Heidi and Haley swapping spit like there’s no tomorrow!

Heidi and Haley squeezing their tits together to drool on

That definitely isn’t the end for these two, and you can bet that they’ve got even more wet and wild action in the future!  But for now, as Heidi lovingly pools her saliva over their squeezed-together boobs, you can bet that she’s opened up a whole new horizon for Haley.  And you can absolutely join in on the action too, by going to the Spitsters website and checking out these two lusty girls and the rest of the lesbians on that wild site!

Big-tittied Lesbian Spit Play From Crista And Brandi

Crista and Brandi getting ready for some hot lesbian sex

If you’ve got a taste for red-hot lesbo action with lots of yummy spit play involved, then you’ll love Crista and Brandi!  These two luscious vixens are as different as night and day, despite the fact that they’re both blondes.  Crista is a busty tanned blonde while Brandi is a busty lighter-skinned blonde who likes to dominate.  At least that’s the kind of action Crista gets from her!

Brandi's juicy titties dripping with Crista's saliva

Both yummy things go at it and their ripe boobies mash against each other like ripe melons!  Soon they both can’t ignore the tingling in their titties and these both start to lather their spittle all over their juicy breasts!  But it’s Brandi who unloads the most saliva on Crista’s huge, tanned orbs and soon Crista is panting with lust at the feelings coursing through her moist pussy.

Crista drooling all over Brandi's sweet pussy

That’s definitely Brandi’s signal to do a little cunt-diving, but she mixes it up with some wet and wild spit play that drips down Crista’s body and up to her breasts!  Is there anything hotter than two sexy girls who love each other’s bodies so much that they slaver and drool over each other like these two do?  I don’t think so!  And if you click here on the Spitsters site, you’ll see even more lesbian spit play action like this pair gives us!  Definitely something I want, and I bet you do to…

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